Autism: Accommodating Success

Their intellectual horsepower is quite high. They do things differently and they behave differently, but the question is, can you turn that into a virtue? That’s part of the thinking on this idea of neurodiversity; that we do better when we mix people who think differently or are wired a bit differently.”

Gary Pisano, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Auticon is an international information and communication technology consulting firm that exclusively employs adults on the autism spectrum as Information and communication technology (ICT) consultants in the US, UK, Germany, Switerland and Canada.

BBC Reporter Jane Wakefield explored the various ways Auticon accommodates those on the autistic spectrum. Listen to BBC Business Daily Sounds” show.

And writer Susan Dominus explains how people who have trouble fitting into a traditional workplace excel in workspaces designed just for them. Read the article in New York Times Magazine.

Photograph Copyright Auticon ©2019

For more information, visit Auticon’s Canadian office.