Youth Job Connection Summer

Through Youth Job Connection Summer, you get: at least 20 hours of paid training to prepare you for summer jobs that last for up to 8 weeks; part-time and after-school jobs are available (if they don’t conflict with school mentorship); job-coaching and help returning to school after the program ends.

Eligibility: For these summer opportunities, you must be: between 15 and 18 years old; a resident of Ontario; a high school student planning to stay in or return to school, or to move on to postsecondary education. This program can also help: indigenous youth; recent immigrants; young people with disabilities; youth with limited work experience, or low level of education.

How to Apply
Start your application for Youth Job Connection Summer by requesting an appointment with an Employment Ontario service provider in Peel Region.

For more information contact Employment Ontario:
(416) 326‑5656
Toll-free: 1−800−387−5656
TTY: 1−866−533−6339

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